INTRODUCING the prepaid aviation & spaceflight counsel program for pilots and small-to-medium companies from the Law Office of Doug Griffith. Pay once, and enjoy the benefits of having an experienced aviation lawyer at your fingertips for a year.

Pricing Plan

  • Medium-size company:$4,500.00 per yr.
  • Small company:$2,500.00 per yr.

As a member of the safety-focused, highly regulated and often complex aviation industry, your modest operation encounters the same day-to-day legal issues as the large companies, spanning liability and risk management considerations, FAR compliance matters, and transactional questions arising from vendor and customer contracts. But unlike the big companies, you don’t have a team of attorneys on staff, or the financial luxury of picking up the phone and calling a bill-by-the hour attorney every time you need legal guidance.

Under the PRE-PAID AVIATION COUNSEL PROGRAM, the benefit of Doug Griffith’s many years of experience helping aviators and aviation companies is only a phone call or email away. Need a purchase & sale agreement reviewed before adding the new JetRanger to your fleet, or guidance in the development of a pre-mishap plan? How about the dispute that’s been brewing with the local FSDO concerning your Repair Station Certificate, or with the lessor of the King Air that’s on your charter certificate? Perhaps you would simply be more at ease if you knew that you had an experienced air crash investigator and attorney “on call” should the worst case scenario—a serious accident—occur with your company.

The PRE-PAID AVIATION & SPACEFLIGHT COUNSEL PROGRAM gives you all of this, without:

  • The monthly pain of a lawyer’s bill;
  • The repeated uncertainty of whether an issue is worth the expense of calling a lawyer; or
  • The challenge of identifying a good lawyer to call in the first place

For more details about the terms and conditions of the services offered under this program, including the limitation on the number of hours available, please refer to the Sample Engagement Letter, a customized version of which will be prepared for clients who request, and are deemed qualified for, enrollment in the program.