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Providing legal services tailored to the aviation and spaceflight communities.


Combining my aerospace engineering degree, two decades as a military and civilian pilot, and strong history of aviation-focused law practice, I am uniquely qualified to advise and represent you and your company concerning a wide range of aviation matters, including:

  • Aviation & spaceflight accident litigation
  • FAA enforcement actions and regulatory advice 
  • Aircraft purchase & sale, charter, lease, and partnership transactions
  • Aviation & spaceflight risk management consulting
  • Supplier, vendor and customer contract assistance
  • Aviation-based employment and business disputes



  • Accident litigation
  • FAA enforcement actions and regulatory
  • Purchase & sale, charter, lease, and partnership transactions
  • Hull and liability insurance 
  • Flight program risk management
  • Supplier, customer and vendor contracting 
  • Employment and business disputes



  • FAA-AST launch and reentry licensing, permitting and approvals
  • Space Flight Participant agreements
  • Risk management programs
  • Supplier, customer and vendor contracting and disputes
  • Startup entities

About Doug Griffith

Doug obtained his aerospace engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin  in 1984 and Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School in 1996. He spent seven years on active duty and another sixteen years as a reservist in the US Marine Corps, flying the AH-1W attack helicopter and retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His 20+ years of law practice has focused almost exclusively on the aviation and commercial spaceflight industries, with an emphasis on accident litigation and risk management. Doug has extensive experience defending aviation businesses, and representing injured persons and the families of deceased persons, as a result of catastrophic aircraft crashes.  He also has advised numerous start-up commercial spaceflight companies to include having served as general counsel.  


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